Three Modules for More Work Safety

Benefit from our many years of experience with training in production companies and our wide variety of state-of-the-art training techniques. The Safety³ modules can be booked individually or as a whole, complementary series.

Work Psychology

Unterstanding Safety

Creating an understanding of work safety

'Safety issues are firmly anchored in behaviour if the rules make sense, can be easily understood and are emotionally supported.'

Mag. David Kleiner


The module examines attitudes and beliefs around occupational safety, helps to understand and dissolve resistance among employees and to create an understanding of safety rules.


This occupational psychology training is aimed at managers, safety specialists and safety confidants and supports them in communicating safety topics.



Communicating Safety

Promoting safe behaviour with the right communication tools

'The face-to-face conversation is one of the most important tools when it comes to workplace safety.'

Mag.a Barbara Dohr, M.A.


The focus in this module is on communicating successfully and effectively when it comes to occupational safety. The earlier employees are trained, the more successful the cooperation in matters of occupational safety throughout the company.


This communication training provides the communicative tools for successful conversations around the topic of work safety, from apprentices to managers.


Showing Safety

Connecting safety issues with everyday work through videos

'Video is the modern medium  increasingly used to convey information, because: A picture is worth a thousand words.'

DI (FH) Gudrun Jöller 


Creating a mobile phone video requires an intensive examination of the topic. In this module, work safety is transferred to the personal working life and summarized in a vivid way. At the same time, a product is created that can be used in many ways in internal communication.


This video training is aimed primarily at apprentices and creates a refreshing, age-appropriate approach to the topic of safety in the workplace.