My name is Barbara Dohr, I live in Graz, Austria. I speak German, English and Italian and am a trainer and facilitator in adult education with heart and soul. 


My service

I support companies and individuals in building and improving social and linguistic competence and offer language as well as soft skills training.


My experience

I’ve been teaching and working with people from various professional backgrounds over the past 14 years gaining valuable insight into the personal and interpersonal challenges and needs of employees in today’s business world.


My attitude

Strong language and soft skills are vital to be successful in an increasingly competitive world. Companies who value their employees and who know that their success depends on ensuring a productive, collaborative and healthy work environment, train and support their staff accordingly.  

Soft skills trainings

Successful working relationships


What are soft skills? In a nutshell, soft skills are how competently people navigate the world. It is how they solve their problems, how well they communicate, and adapt to challenges in their lives. While many people are brilliant at their jobs, some fall short in the area of soft skills, which are a key component in successful working relationships.


The good news is there are countless ways you can improve and teach soft skills in the workplace.


I can support you and your company in developing and improving soft skills at work with trainings and workshops. 

English conversation hours

Speaking English fluently in the workplace 


English has become the global language in business and more and more companies are choosing English as the common corporate language.

If you speak English well enough, it opens doors, if you do not, it can prevent you from moving ahead at work. 


The good news is you can improve your English skills immensely with good personalised training, the right mixture of learning techniques and regular speaking practice. 


In my individual English conversation hours I support and motivate you to quickly improve your English skills and speak confidently no matter your level.