My offer

for private persons and one-person businesses

Interactive online workshop in English

step 1

Let your grammar shine in the right place

step 2

Spice up your English with power words

step 3

Impress with sophisticated phrases and idioms 

step 4

Navigate skilfully around typical German speakers’ traps

step 5

Crown your English with convincing quotes 

My many years of experience as a language trainer have shown me that there are a few areas that make the difference between German native speakers being convincing and coming across well with their English. From this I have developed the five steps and this intensive language coaching package.

So, get in contact, book five online sessions and make your English shine! 

Target group:

German speakers at level B1/B2 or intermediate/upper intermediate who want to make their English sound more professional with a few targeted steps 

My offer

for companies

Soft Skills

Classroom or online training in English and/or German for social competence in the workplace

English conversation 

Individual classroom or online training for professional English at work

English in Action

Classroom training for more English language competence in English in the shortest possible time

Learning management for apprentices

Classroom or online training for success at the vocational school 


Facilitating in English and/or German for successful workshops and business retreats