Communicating professionally at work


Good communication is key to build trust, create an enjoyable place to work and it keeps everyone working towards the company's goals. Bad communication can cause confusion and frustration and at worst result in increased turnover, absenteeism and lower levels of customer satisfaction. 


The good news is there are countless ways you can improve communication in the workplace with your colleagues and within teams. 


I can assist you and your company in developing and improving communication skills at work with trainings and workshops. 


Speaking English fluently in the workplace 


English has become the global language in business and more and more companies are choosing English as the common corporate language.

If you speak English well enough, it opens doors, if you do not, it can prevent you from moving ahead at work. 


The good news is you can improve your English skills immensely with good training, the right mixture of learning techniques and regular speaking practice. 



I support and motivate you to quickly improve your English skills and speak confidently no matter your level.    

Facilitation with the Kraftwerkerinnen

Your productive company retreat


Why organize a retreat? There are many possible reasons why companies choose to organize a team retreat. It improves team communication and collaboration, solves tensions between team members, brings together your remote team for a bonding experience.


With a retreat you boost the team spirit, performance and collaboration of your established or newly set-up team. 


The Kraftwerkerinnen are four proficient facilitators and assist you in planning, organizing and facilitating your next successful company retreat in English and/or German.