About me

I have always had a passion for understanding what makes people tick and what it needs for relationships to thrive. To the same extent I have always felt the need to clarify misunderstandings and help people overcome communicative obstacles


Along with my language and networking skills I could turn my passion into a successful career.  


In the times of social media, which hashtags would people use to describe me and my work? Here are some answers I got: 


#talkative #positive #laughter #amiable #hearty #knowledgeable #wellorganised #jumpy #sunny #loud #italianenglishgerman #india # ireland #italy #competent #openminded #portableflipcharts #shadows #calm #gehirnundgeist #psychologieheute #businessspotlight


Postgraduate course Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies, University of Salzburg

Summer abroad, Business English, Dublin City University

Course in Intercultural Conflict Management, Österreichischer Integrationsfond, Vienna 

Train-the-trainer education in suggestopedia (DGSL-Standard), brainbox, Graz

Master's degree in translation (English and Italian), University of Graz

Semester abroad, scuola interpreti, Università di Bologna

Tourism school, Villach

Grammar school, Graz 


Further education 

Stage presence - moderation and presentation, Wort und Weise, Vienna 

Introductory course self-organizing developmental organizations (SDO)Bernhard Possert, Graz

Introductory seminar the provocative approach by Franz Farrelly, ÖIP, Graz

Facilitation for meetings and company retreats, Wort und Weise, Vienna

Businesscoach intensive course, Florians, Vienna

Speech techniqueSprecherakademie Österreich, Graz

Training design and methodology for teaching languages, brainbox, Graz 


Career stations

since 2017 trainer for social skills in the workplace and facilitation 

since 2013 trainer for intercultural communication and competence 

since 2008 trainer for training design, communication and learning techniques 

since 2005 trainer for languages (English and Italian)

2004-2012 guide, Eggenberg Palace, Graz

2003 terminologist, EURAC, Bozen

2000-2002 event and office management, Unterpremstätten, Graz

1999-2000 translator  




Östu-Stettin Leoben

Transferio GmbH

Norske Skog Bruck

Norske Skog Österreich

Austria Papier Recycling 

Brauunion Österreich

Axflow Österreich

bit Schulungscenter Graz

Gebrüder Weiß

Schmachtl Graz

Wifi Graz

alea Lernforum

Perskom (AVL List)

Holding Graz

Österreichischer Integrationsfond

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