Learning languages made easy

Admittedly, children learn every other language in addition to their first language with ease, just like a mother tongue. Afterwards we learn foreign languages differently, but with the right methods and exercises this can be just as successful. You only have to know how! Findings from neurobiology and linguistics help to learn a foreign language more easily and up to three times faster compared to conventional methods. 


In this seminar you will learn how to refresh or learn a foreign language with limited time. You will learn how to optimally plan and implement the language learning process right from the start.



  • Basics of brain-friendly language learning
  • Managing vocabulary and learning grammar
  • Listening, reading, writing and speaking
  • My personal language learning success plan

Target group:

All people who want to refresh their knowledge of foreign languages or who want to learn a new foreign language efficiently and, in a brain-friendly manner. 


Group training: 

Full-day seminar (8 teaching units)

Group reflection (2 teaching units) – update and exchange of experience


Individual training: 

4 individual sessions 60-90 minutes each (online or face-to-face)