Optimal use of time

The time we have cannot be extended arbitrarily, but it can be used more efficiently. However, we are humans and that means we are creatures of habit, also at work. We often stick to routines that are not optimal, although sometimes we only have to change small details to work more effortlessly and effectively. Therefore, it makes sense to regularly take a step back, put everyday behaviour to the test and reflect on and improve your own work style and personal use of the valuable resource of time.


Find out your chronotype and which internal and external factors influence how well you use the time available. Learn how to optimize your personal work style and use your time more efficiently.



  • Time thieves – where does time get lost?
  • Chronotype analysis – my personal inner clock
  • Prioritizing tasks and dealing with information overload
  • Optimizing my way of working and synchronizing with the team 

Target group:

All people who want to use their own and other’s time efficiently.


Group training: 

Full-day seminar (8 teaching units)

Group reflection (2 teaching units) – update and exchange of experience


Individual training: 

4 individual sessions 60-90 minutes each (online or face-to-face)