Dealing with conflict constructively

Conflicts are omnipresent in professional life. There are many causes for this, and even in the best teams there are arguments. However, conflicts of interest or disagreements are not the main problem, it is the way conflict is dealt with. The ability to handle a dispute constructively is therefore one of the key competences of successful teams.


Learn how to get to the root of the conflict and how to behave ideally in case of conflict. Find out how to distance yourself and which conflict strategies you can use to act confidently and constructively.



  • Understanding the dynamics of conflicts
  • Identifying conflict patterns (own and of others)
  • Addressing conflicts constructively and handling criticism
  • My personal repertoire when dealing with conflicts

Target group:

All people who want to deal with conflict successfully.


Group training: 

Full-day seminar (8 teaching units)

Group reflection (2 teaching units) – update and exchange of experience


Individual training: 

4 individual sessions 60-90 minutes each (online or face-to-face)