Dealing with stress confidently

Basically, stress is a natural reaction of our body to pressures. Stress makes our body react quickly, it helps us to adapt to new situations, and to accomplish tasks more efficiently.  Nowadays, however, we are faced with ongoing overwhelming demands, both professionally and privately. It is therefore important to take countermeasures in good time, to become aware of personal stress behaviour both at work and in private life and to actively find a positive way of dealing with stress.


Learn about the causes and effects of stress on the body and psyche. Reflect on your personal situation and find individual and sustainable solutions and strategies for dealing confidently with everyday stress.



  • Causes and effects of stress
  • Identifying personal stressors
  • Improving stress resistance
  • My personal anti-stress concept

Target group:

All people who want to deal with stress confidently.


Group training: 

Full-day seminar (8 teaching units)

Group reflection (2 teaching units) – update and exchange of experience


Individual training: 

4 individual sessions 60-90 minutes each (online or face-to-face)