Giving feedback professionally

Giving feedback is a skill and when you get it right it becomes a driver of innovation and success. However, the wrong feedback at the wrong time can do the opposite and create frustration and stagnation. A constructive feedback culture can be built when managers and employees know the basics of giving and receiving feedback and know how to incorporate constructive feedback into their daily routine.


Find out how to give and take feedback in a productive way. Recognize which factors influence feedback unconsciously and train what you should pay attention to when giving feedback.



  • Definition and differentiation between feedback and criticism
  • Conscious and unconscious factors influencing feedback
  • Handling negative feedback and giving feedback professionally
  • My personal feedback repertoire

Target group:

All people who want to be excellent in giving developmental feedback and proficient in receiving feedback.


Group training: 

Full-day seminar (8 teaching units)

Group reflection (2 teaching units) – update and exchange of experience


Individual training: 

4 individual sessions 60-90 minutes each (online or face-to-face)